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You should be able to add Sale Points without adding computers.

Welcome to Petra System's web site.  The information is related to Petra's DistributedSalePoint product.  It is an Ultra Thin Client, standards based, Point of Service(POS) System. We have designed this site to allow the end user to quickly obtain a general overview of our capability or to drill down for more detailed information. There is much detail on this site.  Our approach is to provide the details on-line to allow you to realize that our product is innovative and easily expandable.  An unconventional web site for an unconventional system.  Our system provides features and capabilities not offered in "commodity" Point of Service Systems.  We can provide both hardware, software, initial setup and training to allow you to be up and running quickly or we can supply software and support to Value Added Resellers (VARS).  Some key features are:

  • Local Server or Hosted
  • Redundant Hard Disks
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Easy and Affordable Expansion
  • Small counter foot print
  • Powerful and Flexible Reporting Capability
  • Private Gift Cards
  • Layaway Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Repair Management
(This site is currently being updated so there may be layout inconsistencies between pages and new information is always being added).

Our design approach to Point of Service has now become known as "the Cloud".  We didn't invent the technology, we simply apply it.  The advantage to the user is the ease of expansion. Above is the basic display that is used for all sales activity.  It is browser based and we do not need a computer with hard drives at the counter.  Our product requires one computer (a server) that can be located remotely or in the store.  You really shouldn't have to buy another computer every time you add a sale point.  For Hosted configuration we supply the VPN appliance and the fail over router.

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