A Different Approach

     Welcome to the Sale Point Data web site. The information is related to our DistributedSalePoint product. It is an Ultra Thin Client, standards based, Point of Service (POS) System.  DistributedSalePoint has been designed and implemented to be scalable from a single store with a single lane to multiple stores with multiple lanes.  Any computer that has a browser that supports the Java plugin can be used in the lane for display.  This can be your lap top if you wish.  We suggest however that you use our Ultra Thin client which does not have a hard drive and consumes only 8 watts of power not including the display.  We have used standards based software design on the server that provides flexibility and significant expandability.  All data is stored in a non-proprietary, open source database manager.  We believe the POS is only one part of the IT tool set for retail.  Therefore from our Java Application Server, our software design, open database and standards based development we provide an enhanced capability to share the data collected at the Sale Point.  We believe the Sale Point is the place where important data originates and we maximize the amount of data that is saved.  We provide  hardware, software, initial setup and training in support of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Some key features are:

  • Local Server or Cloud
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Easy and Affordable Expansion
  • Small counter foot print
  • Powerful and Flexible Reporting Capability
  • Private Gift Cards
  • Layaway Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Repair Management

A Quick Look

A Quick Overview of operations in the lane.  

WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING:  A powerful Report Generator to identify problems.

Creating Stores, Vendors, Inventory and Registers. 

Sale Point Data, LLC

Innovative Software and Systems for Point of Service because your POS should be designed for multiple lanes and multiple stores and the core technology should be open and allow access from diverse devices from anywhere.